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Global SME Research Report Released 

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Global SME Research Report Released

CGA-Canada’s commitment to making an impact beyond our national borders was recently reaffirmed through a shared research project into access to financing for small and medium enterprises. Together, CPA Australia, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and our association represent more than 700,000 accountants worldwide.

Based on research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which surveyed more than 700 SME executives on our behalf, our three organizations produced a timely report with recommendations for governments, lenders, and other businesses.

The report offers a range of recommendations, among them:

  • Governments must encourage investment and innovation among SMEs, through a variety of tools including tax incentives, support for skills development, public procurement, and publicly funded research.
  • Businesses need to carefully consider what skills and capacity they will need during the economic recovery. Without investment, assumed productivity gains could fail to materialize.

You can view the full document on the CGA-Canada website at and download a podcast, which provides a good summary of the issues.

CGA-Canada has had a mutual recognition agreement with ACCA since December 2006; with CPA Australia since April 2008. Using our combined clout, we hope to motivate policy makers, businesses, and other stakeholders. We also wish to underscore the value of SMEs and their collective contributions. SMEs represent the world’s largest business sector, at about 99 per cent of enterprises around the globe, and account for more than half the world’s private-sector jobs.

Support for SMEs is something our organizations have long had in common. Our members serve as primary business advisers to SMEs in areas of accounting, finance, and broader business issues.

We also help to promote business confidence with investors, lenders, customers, and suppliers. This gives us a sizeable understanding of the sector’s concerns, constraints, and opportunities.

It is most encouraging to see CGA-Canada continuing to build its international influence, which has become essential in an increasingly interconnected world.

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