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Examination Blueprints 

Examinations are constructed using an examination blueprint — a widely accepted tool used within professions to design examinations. The blueprint, also referred to as the test specifications, identifies the content areas covered on the examination. For each content area, the blueprint outlines the weighting of the area, the topics, levels of competence, and learning objectives and competencies (level 4 and PACE) examined. The blueprint also provides information on the proportion of each question type presented in the examination (for example, multiple-choice, short-answer).

Students should use the examination blueprint to prepare for the examination. The blueprint may not include all topics listed in the course materials; however, students are responsible for acquiring a broad-based knowledge of all topics, including those not listed in the blueprint, since their understanding of these topics will be tested in assignment and self-test questions. The topics not listed in the blueprint will also provide a greater depth of understanding of the course.

Note: Competency codes (such as PK:FN:11) have been added to the “Module Competencies” column for all Level 4 and PACE examination blueprints. These codes are used to identify the competencies. They do not affect students’ use of the blueprint. Please see the CGA Competency Framework for more information.

Here are the blueprints for upcoming examinations.

PACE examinations

Download PDF Advanced Corporate Finance (FN2) Blueprint [PDF — 258K]
Download PDF Advanced External Auditing (AU2) Blueprint [PDF — 194K]
Download PDF Advanced Personal & Corporate Taxation (TX2) Blueprint [PDF — 316K]
Download PDF Information Systems Strategy (MS2) Blueprint [PDF — 220K]
Download PDF Internal Auditing & Controls (MU1) Blueprint [PDF — 180K]
Download PDF Public Sector Financial Management (PF1) Blueprint [PDF — 215K]

Level 1 – 4 examinations

Download PDF Advanced Management Accounting (MA2) Blueprint [PDF — 790K]
Download PDF
Download PDF Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1) Blueprint [PDF — 132K]
Download PDF Business Law (LW1) Blueprint [PDF — 79K]
Download PDF Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1) Blueprint [PDF — 286K]
Download PDF External Auditing (AU1) Blueprint [PDF — 262K]
Download PDF Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1) Blueprint [PDF — 372K]
Download PDF Financial Accounting: Assets (FA2) Blueprint [PDF — 270K]
Download PDF Financial Accounting: Liabilities & Equities (FA3) Blueprint [PDF — 215K]
Download PDF Financial Accounting: Consolidations & Advanced Issues (FA4) Blueprint [PDF — 365K]
Download PDF Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1) Blueprint [PDF — 184K]
Download PDF Managing Information Systems (MS1) Blueprint [PDF — 244K]
Download PDF Micro & Macro Economics (EM1) Blueprint [PDF — 172K]
Download PDF Personal & Corporate Taxation (TX1) Blueprint [PDF — 201K]

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Important Notes

  • The PA1 and PA2 examination blueprints can be found in the PA course material.
  • As of 2010-2011, present value tables will no longer be included on any examinations.
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