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Fellowship (FCGA) Award 

The FCGA designation is a CGA-Canada award which recognizes members who provide exemplary service to CGA-Canada or a Provincial, Territorial or International Association, the profession or the public, or achieve prominence through a variety of means. The procedure and criteria for granting the Fellow designation will be as follows.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is April 30, 2014.


  1. Nominees must be members in good standing.
  2. Nominees must have been admitted to membership at least ten (10) years before their nomination for the Fellow Award; although in extraordinary circumstances the committee can consider nominees who have been admitted at least two (2) years.

Selection Criteria

Except in extraordinary situations, nominations must demonstrate that the member has provided exceptional service or brought distinction to the profession in at least two (2) of the following areas:

  1. Service to CGA-Canada or to a Provincial, Territorial or International Association.
  2. Service to a trade, industry or other professional organization related to the member’s career or business activities. (Specify date/year.)
  3. Service to community, political or not-for-profit organizations. (Specify date/year.)
  4. Contributions to the profession through research, teaching, writing or speaking on professional issues. (Specify date/year.) Or
  5. Prominence in business, political, academic or international endeavours.

For items (i), (ii) and (iii), service includes board or committee involvement for a period of at least five (5) years.

Nomination/Selection Process

  1. Nominations may be submitted by Provincial, Territorial or International Associations. It is suggested that no official motions at an Association level be made regarding these nominations. However, they are encouraged to limit their submission to truly exceptional circumstances.
  2. Nominations may be submitted by any five (5) members in good standing. Provincial, Territorial or International Associations will be notified of any at-large nominations from their jurisdiction.
  3. Nominations must be received by April 30, 2014, in the approved form, to be considered in the current year. This deadline may be extended at the discretion of the Honours and Awards Committee Chair.
  4. The Honours and Awards Committee may consult with the nominee’s sponsors, their Provincial, Territorial or International Associations, or any other individuals or organizations deemed necessary to develop a recommendation.
  5. The Honours and Awards Committee may:
    1. Approve – The nominee will be recommended to the Board for the Fellow designation.
    2. Defer – Usually this will occur when additional information is sought or when the Committee feels the timing to be inappropriate. Deferrals are for one (1) year only. Sponsors are required to up-date the nomination form.
    3. Reject – When the Committee concludes the nominee does not adequately meet the criteria, the nomination is rejected. Nothing prevents sponsors from re-nominating a rejected nominee in future years.
  6. The Honours and Awards Committee recommendations will be made to the Board at its first meeting following June 1 each year.
  7. Sponsors will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision by the Committee Chair within three (3) weeks following the Board meeting where the Fellow recommendations are considered.

Award Presentation

CGA-Canada will arrange to honour the nominees approved by the Board at an appropriate Provincial, Territorial or International Association function. The presentation should be made by the Chair of CGA-Canada or the Chair’s delegate.

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