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John Leslie Award 

The award is named after our widely recognized founding father. Its purpose is to honour Certified General Accountants whose exceptional achievements cast a light of favourable publicity on the CGA designation. Whereas the FCGA designation is conferred upon CGAs who achieve a high level of professional standing, the John Leslie award is for members who have achieved a high and favourable profile in their community. Such recognition is responsive to current accomplishments permitting an adequate public relations acknowledgement.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is June 30, 2014.

The documentation provided to the Honours and Awards Committee must clearly identify the Nominee as a CGA and the activities for which he/she is being recognized.


i.  Nominees must be Certificated members in good standing.
ii.  Nominees must have been admitted to membership at least two (2) years prior to their nomination for the award.

Selection Criteria

i.  a.  The John Leslie Award is typically conferred on only one (1)  individual per year, although not necessarily every year.
  b.  In exceptional circumstances, where, in the determination of a committee, in a given year there are two (2) nominees of the same or significantly similar qualifications, and the committee believes that in the best interest of CGA that both nominees be granted the John Leslie Award, the Award may be conferred on up to two (2) individuals.
ii.  Nominations must demonstrate that the member has achieved recognition for exceptional service. Exceptional service includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  a.  Appointment or election to an appropriate public office;
  b.  Special achievement overcoming physical adversity;
  c.  Outstanding artistic achievement, or
  d.  Outstanding business endeavour, public service or charitable involvement including humanitarian acts.
iii.  While the service may have been provided over many years, the recognition must be current, that is, within the five (5) years preceding the nomination. Also, the recognition should be national in scope. National recognition includes, but is not limited to, election or appointment to a National or International Body or media coverage in more than the member’s home jurisdiction.
iv.  Documentation must be provided that clearly indicates the member’s activity or prominence and identifies the member as a CGA. Documentation may include newspaper articles or announcements, publications of the organization served by the member, honours or awards from other organizations, etc.

Nomination/Selection Process

i.  Nominations may be submitted by:
  a.  The CGA-Canada Board or Affiliation Council;
  b.  Any individual member in good standing of the Association;
  c.  Any member of the public, or
  d.  Any representative of a community group, business association, educational body, private company or corporation.
ii.  Nominations must be received by June 30, 2014, and contain the following information:
  a.  Member’s name;
  b.  Year of certification and other educational achievements;
  c.  Provincial, Territorial or International affiliation;
  d.  Details of the service or achievement which resulted in public recognition;
  e.  Evidence of public recognition;
  f.  Details of other service to the CGA cause, if any, for supplementary consideration.
iii.  The Honours and Awards Committee may consult with the CGA-Canada Board or Affiliation Council, the nominee’s sponsors or any other persons deemed necessary to develop a recommendation.
iv.  The Honours and Awards Committee’s recommendation will be presented at a CGA-Canada Board of Directors meeting.
v.  Sponsors of nominees for this award will be notified in writing of the Committee’s recommendation, by the Committee Chair, within three (3) weeks following the Board meeting referred to above.

Award Presentation

i.  When an award is approved, the presentation will be made by the CGA-Canada Chair at a CGA-Canada event. Travel expenses are to be paid by CGA-Canada.
ii.  The John Leslie Award will be in the form of a mounted plaque presented to the recipient. A second, permanent plaque shall be retained in the CGA-Canada office, with names of the winners inscribed thereon.

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