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CGA-Canada/CPA Australia Forum on SME Issues 

Unlocking the potential of the SME sector

In the spring of 2010, CPA Australia and CGA-Canada undertook to examine the financial and regulatory challenges facing the Small and Medium size Entity (SME) sector in their respective countries in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The forum was comprised of two roundtable discussions with government and business leaders held May 21 in Melbourne, Australia and June 9 in Ottawa, Canada. It also included direct consultation with members of both organizations. The June 9th roundtable concluded with a panel discussion on the topic held at Ottawa’s Rideau Club and open to the public.

The Melbourne and Ottawa Forum on SME Issues was designed to identify, evaluate, and highlight successful approaches to sustaining a robust, competitive SME sector through more efficient and effective public policy-making. Discussion targeted three key policy areas: access to funding/finance; regulatory burden; and taxation policy. It yielded the following:

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CGA-Canada | Last Updated: July 30, 2010