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Tax Simplification 

On an international scale, Canada’s tax system is unnecessarily complicated, full of red tape, labour-intensive, difficult to understand and costly to administer. Canada’s tax system acts as a serious barrier to business, investment, competitiveness and economic growth. This is the number one policy priority, according to CGAs.

CGA-Canada has led the charge urging the federal government to reform Canada’s tax system – make it simpler, fairer and more efficient.

To advance this public policy priority, CGA-Canada convened a Summit on Tax Simplification on December 4, 2012. The summit brought together stakeholders, public officials and thought leaders on tax policy to strategize on the issue, inform the debate, establish priorities and identify next steps.

In its 2013 pre-budget submission, the association called on the Commons finance committee to consult with the public and recommend ways to advance tax reform. Carole Presseault, vice president of government and regulatory affairs at CGA-Canada, addressed this issue before the committee at a pre-budget appearance in early November.

On November 6, 2013, CGA-Canada supported a private member’s bill dealing with unlegislated tax measures as part of its call for delivering increased certainty, transparency and accountability to tax policy. The bill was presented by Member of Parliament Mike Allen, FCGA (Tobique-Mactaquac).

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CGA-Canada | Last Updated: November 7, 2013