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The CGA-Canada Research Foundation 

Investing in People and the Community

The Research Foundation provides CGA-Canada’s philanthropic service to its members and the public. It distributes scholarships for doctoral students and bursaries for talented but disadvantaged youth. It supports research and professional development and it encourages financial literacy among young people.

Fostering Education and Research

The CGA-Canada Research Foundation builds on 100 years of CGA-Canada service to the accounting profession and to the public. Its mission is to encourage and promote the advancement of education and research in accountancy.

Responding to Ongoing Change

The Research Foundation was established in 1979 in response to the need for technical research into how rapid changes in accounting and auditing standards were impacting the profession. That need is even more pressing today. Recent CGA Research Reports have addressed productivity, pensions, income trusts, and compliance. The Foundation also sponsors conferences to help accountants prepare for, among other things, regulatory changes.

Probing Matters of Public Interest

Society is experiencing profound changes and some of these are also analyzed in recent CGA Research Reports: the economic impact of an ageing population, fading productivity, and household debt.

As part of CGA-Canada’s commitment to social responsibility and community service, the Research Foundation will be supporting financial literacy among young people and helping disadvantaged youth enter the profession.

CGA-Canada | Last Updated: August 15, 2012