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Competency-based Professional Education 

Competency-based professional education ensures that every newly certified CGA is able to fully serve the needs of clients and employers, and to protect the public interest. In short, it prepares CGAs for positions of leadership, responsibility, and trust.

CGA’s 130 competencies detail the knowledge, skills and professional values required of accountants and senior financial managers – in real working environments and to specified levels of proficiency. These far-reaching competencies are broadly categorized under:

  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Professional knowledge

The CGA Competency Framework contains the complete list of competency statements, proficiency levels, assessment strategies and areas of knowledge.

Click here for a snapshot of the CGA Competency Groups.

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CGA Competency Framework

CGA Competency Framework A Profile of CGA Professional Competencies
[PDF — 646 KB]

The CGA Competency Framework: Benchmark of Business Leadership

A short video overview of how the CGA Competency Framework produces trusted business advisors.

An Introduction to Competency-Based Education

This 10-minute video explains the concept of competency-based education and how it is applied to the CGA Program of Professional Studies.

Competency-Based Educatiion Video

CGA-Canada | Last Updated: February 1, 2010